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A smartphone is pretty enough to take videoclips nowadays. That’s the reason why today, even more than yesterday, you need a specialized production staff, if your goal is to get high-quality videos. The difference between a professional work and a non-professional one leaps out, and even a layman can notice it.

IBUZgroup operators use broadcasting-quality cameras, that are essential tools when it comes to making movies intended for Internet and TV broadcasts.

We switch to camcorders too, when it’s about peculiar jobs as POV  action shoots or aerial shoots by remote-controlled drones.

Our movie editors use professional editing software, and the sound, provided it’s not taken live, is added in recording studio. Our staff features copywriter and directors as well: creativity and coordination are basic, when something more than a simple reportage is concerned.

Whether you’re going to recount an event, exhibit your products or display your company, or even you want to reach your sales network and your final customers in the most straight way, video is the most effective resort, and the one that sports the greatest communication flexibility as well as the highest customization chances.

By leveraging a close-knit team, IBUZgroup carries out both TV and web-TV productions. Ranging from video-journalism to advertising or emotional clips, our staff is well-tuned and can look personally after every processing step, from conception down to airplay.


  • Promotional clip for product promoting
  • Emotional clip for event boosting
  • Video-journalism
  • Live coverage of events
  • Video-editing on location
  • Management of corporate channels on Youtube
  • Creation of web-TV show schedules

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