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By taking advantage from the partnership with, IBUZgroup is up to match the customer’s needs all the way, ranging from studio to on-track photography, and from street to on-location shootings.

Action photography

For action shoots, we make use of professional SLR cameras with long focal telephoto lenses. The team is made up with photographers trained in different fields of racing, as motoring and motorcycling, yet joined by long- term experience in this regard: so they’re able to work inside the racetracks as well, and they’re aware of all the current safety regulations. Aside from on- track photography, the team carries out sessions on open road and off-road. Furthermore, IBUZgroup can provide drivers and testers when it’s needed, both for two- and four-wheeled vehicles.

On-location photography

On-location shoots are executed both outdoor and indoor, on still objects and moving ones, and either in daylight or with studio lighting. The location choice is made by the team itself or even in concert with the customer.

Studio photography

Continuous or flash lighting, tripods, so-called “limbo” backgrounds and much room available: these are the ingredients for a professional studio shooting recipe. The photographers of our team can take pictures of any objects, no matter what are their shape and size: from small features up to cars, everything is welcome. As soon as we can customize our sets, we can optimize the fittings according to the needs of the client, and can add special effects straight while shooting, when it’s needed.

Aerial photography

Photographing the world from above while devising the best resorts at lowest prices: this is the task. We’ve got the skills and the special licenses required to fly the drones, that is, small unmanned aircrafts that can lift a professional camera off the ground. Shouldn’t a drone be powerful enough, there’s even a chance to make a copter available for as long as it’s needed, in order to carry out the shoot.

3D immersive imagery

This kind of imagery is midway between photography and digital rendering: it provides the high quality of the first, while is eye-catching and can be browsed as the latter do. It requires a very special shooting equipment to be employed and allows to display surroundings the most effective way, so it’s suitable for taking both indoor and outdoor pictures. A 3D immersive image is a panoramic view that you can display on a PC or portable device and “browse” all over, just changing the point of view by moving the mouse.


Action photography by RIG devices

This kind of photography is used mostly for vehicles. It’s a shooting technique that lends most of prominence and emphasis to the subject over the background; it requires the employment of sophisticated systems with beams and suction cups, and a skillful post-production as well.



  • Action > Coverage of sport events and press launches for cars and bikes, both on track and on the road, on behalf of companies, agencies, publishers and press offices.
  • On location > Arranging photographic sessions for automotive subjects, on locations to be chosen with the customer. Providing drivers and testers when needed.
  • Studio > Shootings in studios fully outfitted with sets and large-sized “limbos”.
  • Aerial > Photographic and video shoots from copters and drones.
  • 3D > Photographic shoots with 3D effects and creation of images you can browse using the mouse.
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