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is a team of photographers, videographers, video editors, speakers, post-production experts, computer technicians, creative talents, copywriters, web editors and journalists. It develops as a natural and necessary evolution of, the agency well-known in the field of motorsport and part of the new group by now.
IBUZgroup provides consulting services and implements corporate communication plans, both for specific targets and for generalist purposes, while featuring variously-skilled professional profiles as its main asset.

Making images is in IBUZgroup’s DNA. The assortment of photographic and video services ranges from indoor to outdoor and action shoots, including aerial ones and 360-degrees immersive imagery too. What’s more, our staff can broadcast live streaming by mobile unit, on open field as well, using up to 12 radio-linked cameras at once.

No matter what it’s about – photography, videography or text-editing – IBUZgroup provides custom performances and makes tailored suits, embracing every means of expression to fit your aims and needs. The buyers are allowed to enter private storage spaces, that are held in IBUZgroup’s servers and available as dedicated micro-websites, with custom-scalable access privileges.

IBUZgroup IBUZgroup can plan and look after the whole communication process through every processing step, from conception to creation until production, while providing support for direct marketing activities and for arranging, managing and boosting events. The staff can also coordinate cross- platform actions and provide a task-force for specific happenings.

Ranging from web to press, and from social networks to on-line TV, IBUZgroup makes available for businesses all the tools to improve the likeability of their brands and enterprises.

IBUZgroup IBUZgroup is based in Vallelunga Racetrack (Rome) and is operating within the Country as well as abroad.

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